Esaret episode 176 with enlish subtitle

Esaret episode 176 with enlish subtitle

televised news In Esaret, what we expected is taking place. Hira’s memory is gradually coming back. As we previously mentioned, if Hira thinks back to the prior dreadful Orhun, things will get more challenging. Hira will begin to see things clearly when she decides to rely on and trust Orhun, despite the fact that she falls in love with him. We hope that Hira’s memories will start to fill in the blanks one by one, like dominoes. They are able to return to OrHir.

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  1. Yes that is what we want they are so beautiful together and there love warmth our cold heart. The way he looks and listen to her putting her needs first. Alico and Ohrum need her please we want them together. Love will conquer


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