If you’re an avid PUBG Mobile player, you know that there’s nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of a successful squad wipe. It’s the pinnacle of teamwork, strategy, and individual skill all coming together to secure that chicken dinner. In this blog, we’re going to dive into my latest and most thrilling squad wipe gameplay that left us feeling victorious and exhilarated.

The Setup

Before we jump into the gameplay itself, let’s talk about the team. Teamwork is key in PUBG Mobile, and my squad consisted of some of the best players I’ve had the pleasure of gaming with. We had been playing together for quite some time, which meant our communication and coordination were top-notch.

The Squad:
1. Me (IGN: ProGamerX) – Sniper specialist
2. MaverickManiac – Assault rifle expert
3. GhostRider – Master of close-quarter combat
4. ShadowNinja – The strategic genius

The Drop

We started the match with a brief strategy session while we were in the plane. We decided to drop at Pochinki, a high-traffic area known for its intense action. Our plan was simple: loot fast, gear up, and then move on to other nearby locations.

The Early Game

As we touched down in Pochinki, chaos erupted all around us. We landed at the northern part of the town and quickly took cover in one of the buildings. Our early-game loot was incredible – level 3 armor, powerful weapons, and ample ammunition.

The first few minutes involved a lot of close-quarters skirmishes. GhostRider’s skills shone as he eliminated opponents with a shotgun, while MaverickManiac provided cover fire. We successfully cleared Pochinki and decided to move toward the School to the south.

The School Showdown

The School is always a hot spot for loot and intense combat. As we approached the School, we saw another squad also moving in. This was the moment that defined our gameplay.

Our strategy was to engage cautiously. ShadowNinja suggested we split into two teams – one team would approach from the front, while the other would flank from the rear. I set up as a sniper in a safe spot, ready to pick off anyone who showed their head.

What unfolded was pure teamwork. GhostRider and MaverickManiac entered the front, drawing the enemy squad’s attention. While they exchanged fire, I took out two enemies from a distance. The opposing squad, overwhelmed and confused, was not prepared for our coordinated assault. As they focused on GhostRider and MaverickManiac, ShadowNinja and I sandwiched them from behind. It was a squad wipe in a matter of seconds.

The Victory Rush

With the School now clear, we continued looting and making our way toward the final circle. Along the way, we encountered a few more squads, but the confidence and momentum from our earlier success carried us through. Our communication and teamwork were on point, and it showed in our gameplay.

We reached the final circle with only two other squads remaining. Thanks to our superior positioning, we had the advantage. We secured our final squad wipe and claimed the chicken dinner. The excitement and satisfaction of that victory were indescribable.


PUBG Mobile is all about those heart-pounding moments and epic squad wipes. This particular gameplay will always hold a special place in my gaming memories, not just for the victory but for the incredible teamwork and coordination we displayed. Whether you’re a PUBG Mobile veteran or a newcomer, remember that squad wipes are all about preparation, communication, and working together with your squad. So, assemble your team, create a strategy, and aim for those unforgettable moments of victory in the battlegrounds! 🍗🔥

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